Alabama Tax Incentives

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One of the likely unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act is that Special Need Trusts may be impacted due to settlement criteria that can be based on past, present, and future medical needs.

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Tech Update: Read an article about the implications of 32-bit and 64-bit processors for Assistive Technology Solutions.

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Alabama Tax Incentives

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Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

The mission of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is: Building Better Alabama Communities.

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Alabama Taxes and Tax Incentives

The Alabama Taxes and Incentives Summary is a summary of taxes and tax incentive available to Alabama businesses.

These tax credits are incentives for Alabama businesses to expand, allowing for more employment opportunities for workers with disabilities.

This publication has information on various tax incentives offered to businesses located in Alabama.

Alabama Taxes and Incentives Information PDF

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Alabama VetStart

VetStart provides information to military veterans on starting a new business, financing a business, contracting and certifications.

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Alternative Finance Program

Alabama’s Alternative Finance Program (The Ability Loan Program) for individuals with disabilities and their families allows applicants to borrow money at low-interest and/or for extended terms for the purchase of assistive technology, adaptive equipment, and related services.

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Assistive Technology Demo and Loan Program

Visit the AT4ALL Inventory to find new assistive technology, including switches, switch mounts, augmentative communication devices, software, adapted books and a variety of other adaptive equipment. Too often the decision to purchase a computer, software, or special technology is made with little or no experience with the product. Through a partnership with T.A.S.C., STAR can now provide a lending library (long and short term) in order to help with the decision making process.

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Assistive Technology Resource

STAR, Alabama's Assistive Technology Resource, is a federally funded program designed to increase access to Assistive Technology (AT) for Alabamians with disabilities.

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Business Relations Program – Department of Rehabilitation Services

For the past 30 years, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and READI-Net have partnered with businesses to develop customized, no-cost services for businesses. Thousands of employers have discovered the benefits of tapping into these resources, which include:

  • Incentives
  • Employee Retention/Disability Management
  • No-Cost Training for Business
  • Technical Assistance
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act and Other Legislation

Additional information on cost-saving measures.

Department of Rehabilitation Services – Office Locations

Retaining a Valuable Employee Brochure PDF

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Capital Access Program

Information on the Capital Access Program’s available to Alabama businesses.

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Certified Capital Company Program

The CAPCO Certified Capital Company program is a legislatively enacted statute that assists states in management of capital formation or economic development objectives. It is a powerful state economic development tool that significantly leverages long term state tax credits into private venture capital funds that must invest in small business, resulting in more jobs and an increased tax base.

Some of the jobs that are created as a result of CAPCO could be held by workers with disabilities.

Certified Capital Company Program FAQ PDF

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Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama provides its members with exceptional services in the areas of advocacy, professional development, and communication of issues that affect the local business community. Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama also serves as a clearinghouse for business-related information, peer-to-peer networking opportunities and other contacts that serve the needs of local Chamber of Commerce professionals.

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Economic Development Partnership of Alabama

The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama's primary focus is to help Alabama attract and retain industry. The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama fills a critical role in business attraction by marketing and promoting Alabama as a business location and providing information analysis and fact-based proposals to companies and consultants that are looking for a site. The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama also works closely with Alabama communities and companies looking to become more competitive.

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Enterprise Zones

Twenty-eight Enterprise Zones across the state of Alabama encourage economic growth in areas considered to have depressed economies. In addition, each area offers innovative packages of local tax and non-tax incentives to encourage businesses to locate or expand in that area’s Enterprise Zone.

Often, people with disabilities live in industrial areas that are depressed and in need of revitalization. Hiring disabled individuals from these zones would reverse the unemployment trend among this population and give their neighborhoods a much needed lift.

State Enterprise Zones Information PDF

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Financing Programs

The Financing Programs document is a summary of programs that assist businesses with obtaining various types of financing.

With assistance from these programs, businesses can create more jobs. Some of these newly created jobs can be occupied by employees with disabilities.

Financing Programs Summary PDF

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Full Employment Act of 2011

Under this Full Employment Act of 2011, businesses with 50 or fewer employees may receive a one-time income tax credit equal to $1,000 per new job paying over $10 per hour.

The Act provides a financial motivation for businesses to pay their workers more than $10 per hour. This includes employees who are disabled as well.

This web page provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Full Employment Act of 2011.

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Grant Resources

Keeping Alabama's workforce well-trained for current and future jobs is a top priority in Alabama. Applications for Grant Resources to address local workforce development needs are accepted for consideration twice a year. Proposed activities must support preparing individuals to enter employment or advance in high-wage, high-demand occupations and must align with the Workforce Development Councils of Alabama regional strategies and occupational needs. Priority will be given to projects that address specific and immediate training/hiring needs.

The workers receiving training through these grants could be ones who have disabilities and need a skills upgrade to secure employment and advance in their careers.

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Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center

A Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center provides expert consultation on assistive technology and accessibility features built into Microsoft products. Their specialists understand how disabilities impact computer users and are trained to evaluate the needs of the person with the disability. Some centers offer computer training and many organizations have lending libraries, so a consumer can try a product before purchasing it.

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On-the-Job Evaluation

Through the on-the-job evaluation process, a business can significantly reduce its recruiting, training, and staffing costs. This free, short-term assessment gives the opportunity to evaluate a potential job candidate at the job site.

The candidate being evaluated could be a job seeker with a disability.

On-the-Job Evaluation Fast Facts PDF

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The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services recognizes that business is an important customer and is committed to helping Alabama employers find solutions to disability-related issues.

Disability Resources for Employers Brochure PDF

READI-Net Overview PDF

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Wage Reimbursement for New Hires

Through wage reimbursement, a business can significantly cut its payroll expenses. This short-term incentive gives the opportunity to reduce the cost of training a new hire. A business can additionally be reimbursed for providing on-the-job training.

The new hires who achieve employment because of this incentive could be workers with disabilities.

Wage Reimbursement Fast Facts PDF

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Women’s Business Assistance Program

The Women's Business Assistance Program is designed to strengthen the state economy by helping aspiring and established women business owners learn more about starting or expanding small businesses, gaining access to capital, and government contracting set-asides for women.

The Women's Business Assistance Program can help a woman entrepreneur who has a disability launch her own business.

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Work "Tryouts" or Internships

Through Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services paid work experience or internship initiatives, a business can reduce its recruiting, training, and staffing costs. These free, short-term incentives give the opportunity to "try out" a job candidate as a potential employee.

A person with a disability can gain valuable work experience through this program.

Work "Tryouts" or Internships Fast Facts PDF

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