California Tax Incentives

What to do when the Affordable Care Act Impacts Case Settlements:
The Benefits of an Accessibility-Focused Case Evaluation

A White Paper by Michael Fiore

One of the likely unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act is that Special Need Trusts may be impacted due to settlement criteria that can be based on past, present, and future medical needs.

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Teleseminars on Disability, Diversity, and the Changing Workforce. One hour of learning that can change the way that you think.

Tech Update: Read an article about the implications of 32-bit and 64-bit processors for Assistive Technology Solutions.

Looking for qualified candidates with disabilities?
A Job Board for job seekers with disabilities and the businesses looking to hire them.

California Tax Incentives

Assistive Technology Device Lending Libraries

Whether your need is temporary or you would just like to try out some devices before you buy, the Device Lending Libraries can provide free, short-term loans for up to 30 days of equipment, such as portable ramps, AAC devices, magnifiers, computer software and more.

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Assistive Technology (AT) Exchange

The AT Exchange is a free service of the AT Network that connects Californians to the assistive technology (AT) devices they need to independently. Here you will find new and used low and high-tech devices for people with disabilities that include magnifiers, mobility devices, hardware and software.

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California Assistive Technology Network

This web site has basic information on obtaining assistive technology and a loan program to purchase assistive technology.

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California Capital Access Program

The California Capital Access Program for Small Business (CalCAP SB or Program) encourages banks and other financial institutions to make loans to small businesses that have difficulty obtaining financing. If you own a small business and need a loan for start-up, expansion or working capital, you may receive more favorable loan terms from a lender if your loan is enrolled in the CalCAP Loan Loss Reserve Program. This program helps communities by providing financing to businesses that create jobs and improve the economy.

CalCAP Loan Enrollment Application PDF

CalCAP Financial institution Claim Application PDF

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California Competes Tax Credit

The California Competes Tax Credit is an income tax credit available to businesses that want to establish and expand business operations in California.

The business growth encouraged by this tax credit could mean more employment opportunities for workers with disabilities in this state.

Notice California Competes Tax Credit PDF

California Competes Tax Credit FAQ PDF

California Competes Tax Credit Application Guide PDF

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California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (I-Bank)

The mission of the I-Bank is to finance public infrastructure and private development that promote a healthy climate for jobs, contribute to a strong economy and improve the quality of life in California communities. The I-Bank has extremely broad statutory powers to issue revenue bonds, make loans and provide credit enhancements for a wide variety of infrastructure and economic development projects and other government purposes.

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Chamber of Commerce

This is the website for California’s Chamber of Commerce, where the latest news and information on the Chamber can be found.

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Department of Rehabilitation

The California Department of Rehabilitation works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living and equality for individuals with disabilities.

Workplace Solutions partners with employers to identify the qualifications and skill sets required for prospective employees. This allows Department of Rehabilitation’s staff to work with eligible consumers to design a vocational training program consistent with the needs of businesses. Funding is available to employers through the Department of Rehabilitation to help offset the cost of providing on-the-job training to a qualified job seeker employed from its consumer database.

Contact information for Department of Rehabilitation offices can be found on this website by clicking on a county or district.

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Disabled Veteran Business Alliance

The Disabled Veteran Business Alliance (DVBA) believes in the power of business innovation to help veterans achieve their full potential in life. It recognizes that veterans’ experience in the military prepares them to be smart, capable entrepreneurs. The DVBA helps disabled veterans achieve the satisfaction, pride and independence that comes from running their own businesses.

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Employment Training Panel

The Employment Training Panel is a state agency that provides training funds which improve the productivity and competitiveness of California businesses, while providing secure employment for workers. ETP can also provide training for unemployed workers.

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Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center

A Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center provides expert consultation on assistive technology and accessibility features built into Microsoft products. Their specialists understand how disabilities impact computer users and are trained to evaluate the needs of the person with the disability. Some centers offer computer training and many organizations have lending libraries, so a consumer can try a product before purchasing it.

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New Employment Credit

The New Employment Credit (NEC) is available for each taxable year beginning on or after January 1, 2014, and before January 1, 2021, to a qualified taxpayer that hires a qualified full-time employee on or after January 1, 2014, and pays or incurs qualified wages attributable to work performed by the qualified full-time employee in a designated census tract or economic development area [herein referred to as a designated geographic area (DGA)], and that receives a tentative credit reservation for that qualified full-time employee. In addition, an annual certification of employment is required with respect to each qualified full-time employee hired in a previous taxable year. In order to be allowed a credit, the qualified taxpayer must have a net increase in the total number of full-time employees in California.

Additional information about the New Employment Credit.

The qualified worker who is hired as a result of this tax provision could be someone with a disability.

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No-Cost Business Services

Workforce Development staff and their community partners provide the following no-cost resources, services and training to public and private businesses:

  • Job Site Accommodation Consultation – Technical support and expertise provided to assess the needs of a newly hired employee with a disability or an employee who becomes disabled.
  • Disability Employment Law Training – In-depth training on the Fair Employment and Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act is available through a network of knowledgeable trainers.

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On-the-job Training

Workplace Solutions partners with employers to identify the qualifications and skill sets required for prospective employees. This allows their staff to work with eligible consumers to design a vocational training program consistent with the needs of businesses. Funding is available to employers through the DOR to help offset the cost of providing on-the-job training to a qualified job seeker employed from our consumer database.

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Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

The California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program works to help businesses create and retain jobs, while at the same time encouraging investment into low- to moderate-income communities. Business size eligibility for the Small Business Loan Guarantee Program generally follows the U.S. Small Business Administration 7(a) program guidelines. The Small Business Loan Guarantee Program provides loans to small businesses that experience capital access barriers. Through this program, a small business can establish a favorable credit history with a lender and obtain access to future loans on its own, independent of the program. Qualifying small businesses owners may apply for an Small Business Loan Guarantee Program loan by contacting a Financial Development Corporation.

Utilizing these loans, small businesses can employ more people with disabilities, which would have a positive impact on this population’s employment rate.

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Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment (SE) services through the Department of Rehabilitation can be provided through the vocational rehabilitation program. SE services are aimed at finding and keeping competitive work in a community integrated work setting for persons with severe disabilities who need ongoing support services to learn and perform the work.

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Workforce Development

Workforce Development is the Department of Rehabilitation’s employer outreach program designed to build collaborative partnerships that create staffing solutions for California businesses. The Workforce Development Section develops and coordinates linkages with the business community in order to increase meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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